Tye Bate is a 20-year-old content creator, traveler, and visionary born in Sydney, Australia.

Tye currently works for Big Review TV as a creative project manager.

Tye previously worked at Big Review TV as a video editor and resigned in mid-2017 to work for 6 months at Charlie Bucket and Co. Tye's first assignment at Charlie Bucket was to film the Kokoda Trek in Papua New Guniea.

Tye graduated Sydney Film School in 2016 and produced a $16K short film, titled Channelling the Echo as part of his graduation process.

Tye has built a reputation and a name for himself in Sydney as both a young creative and videographer, providing clients with; innovative, contemporary and unique videos. He works with brands and individuals to create video content that is emotional and drive profitable consumer action.

In 2016 Tye received an Outstanding Community Service award for the time he spent lending his craft to the promotion of important topics. Tye spent his younger years making short videos for his community, one of them being a short film he directed for Lifeline Northern Beaches. #Stressed which was premiered to a huge crowd of well-known locals, including Premier Mike Baird, in September 2015 at '500 Lives Saved,' an event to mark World Suicide Prevention Day. Tye's socially conscious short film received significant media attention and will continue to be used as part of Lifeline's 'prevention is the best cure' approach to mental health.

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