Travel and making videos are two of my favourite things!

Travel is freedom. You pack up your sh*t. Get a ticket and fly far. Plan little and thrive on the spontaneity. You're forced to overcome obstacles. And find the comfort in being uncomfortable. You interact with other cultures, try new things. And most importantly you learn more about who you are. You're taken on a rollercoaster of emotions: there's laughter, there's tears. But we should embrace it. Run at fear. And do it while we can. How will we grow? if we don't push ourselves beyond our boundaries.

Making videos is an obsession. As a videographer / content creator you live your life through the lens. Constantly thinking what would this look like on video. How do you express feeling and emotion for your audience? It's a constant creative struggle. You're always changing and adapting to the market. Because we know what the market wants the market gets. You always make your next work your best work. When you capture a video you're creating an everlasting memory for your grandchildren's children. You make a mark on this small world.

New Clothing Launch Vlog

Client: Muscle Republic

Behind the scenes of a video/photo shoot with muscle republic leading up to their new clothing launch.

Kerry Foley Short Documentary

Client: Muscle Republic

Life is about picking yourself up when you fall, and continuing your journey knowing you are strong now, better then you were yesterday.

The Kokoda Trek

Client: Chocolate Box Training

In this video there's lots and lots of hiking, stops at villages and more... 25 members of Chocolate Box Training walked the Kokoda Trek (100km) from Owers Corner to Kokoda over 8 days in Papua New Guniea.


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